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Lock Installation & Rekeying

Jacksonville Lock Installation And Rekeying Service

If you are searching for trusted lock rekeying service, contact Jacksonville Locksmith Now. We are a leading commercial, residential, and automobile locksmith business in the Jacksonville area. For several years, we have been offering remarkable, 24/7 locksmith services all around Jacksonville and its surrounding locations.

Our business is certified, bonded, and guaranteed. We supply quick and friendly total locksmith services. We have a large variety of industrial, residential, and auto locksmith clients who are 100% happy with our fantastic work and low rates.

Major Advantages of Getting Your Lock Rekeyed

Often times, people will call a locksmith to alter or rekey their locks for numerous reasons. In order to make the best choice, it’s essential to comprehend the distinction between lock rekeying and changing locks. Lock modification includes setup of a brand-new lock while lock rekeying happens when you have to repair the tumblers and systems of the pre-existing lock. With a lock rekeying, rather than changing the whole lock, our locksmiths merely alter the key to your lock. Then they reset the lock system.

It remains in your best interest to have your locks re-keyed when you move into a new house, purchase used vehicles, or move new a new workplace. It is necessary that you take proper actions to ensure the security of your household, belongings, and colleagues. If somebody has a key, both people and belongings are at danger. Be safe by securing yourself and securing others.

Should I Rekey Or Get My Lock Changed?

There used to be a time when we as fellow human beings watched out for each other and highly regarded one another’s home. Those days are long behind us and security steps should be taken to make sure that you, your household, your staff members and colleagues, and your belongings are safe and protected.

No area is safe and the possibility for theft is all around us. Not only can you lose your prized possessions, but you can also have physical damage done. This raises the question, “When is it better to rekey instead of performing a total lock change?”.

Rekeying a lock includes altering the tumblers of a lock cylinder with other tumblers of various sizes. This procedure is substantially less expensive and quicker than going through a total lock swap of all of your house’s or organization’ locks. If you have just recently moved into a new location, lost a key, lent a key and never got it back, want new keys, or simply want the benefit of having an extra key, then rekeying may be your best bet.

However, rekeying your locks is not a feasible alternative if your locks are malfunctioning. Malfunctioning locks can be the outcome of rust, damaged pins, or damaged tumblers. Rekeying is also not a practical alternative when you feel that your locks simply do not offer the amount of security you require. It’s in these circumstances that we recommend a complete lock change of your home or company’s locks.

Are you in need of professional Jacksonville rekeying or lock installation? That’s something Jacksonville Locksmith Now can help you with. Give our professional locksmiths a call today to get started: (904) 206-8145

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